Wednesday, August 24, 2005

who let the cows out?

So, a film student of mine had a live cow in her kitchen as part of her shoot; dream big, as I always like to say.

In honor of today being both Can Opener Day AND Waffle Day, I had a couple of crumpets, which seem to be located somewhere (rather peripherally, perhaps) within the waffle family. Trader Joe's has very nice crumpets, although they have the most bizarre consistency before you toast them. If you've ever eaten Ethiopian cuisine, think of those tortilla-like things which come with the meal, and you'll know what I'm talking about -- somewhat latex-y, like a Nerf product you'd get for your dog. Sounds strange-o-rama, but still: toasted crumpets rock with some Knott's Blackberry Jam. And that's no lie.

ALSOALSO: I shot a short film called Threshold (dir. by John Parenteau), and it will be screening tomorrow, August 25th, at the ArcLight Hollywood, 7pm, as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival! Be there! You'll get to see my cinnamon-tography on the big screen, which will rock in all sorts of ways. And I promise I won't use idiotic terms like "cinnamon-tography" ever again. In front of you, anyway.

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