Tuesday, September 27, 2005

LARPing and other things I swear to god I've never done

So, um, LARPing. LARP apparently stands for Live Action Role Play, where people dress in costume and say things like "Lightning Spell, whoosh!" as they flail at other LARPers. And I believe there is swordplay involved. Whoosh.

Where in heck do people come up with this stuff? I thought it went out with playing house, you know? I mean, if you like exploring other personae, be an actor and get paid for it. Whooshing at people is not, in my book, valid adult interaction. Do so if you must, but don't expect me to keep a straight face around you.

So. The past ten days were spent with the 'rents and my younger bro, celebrating his birthday in Las Vegas. We saw Ka, the Cirque du Soleil show, which could be cooler than it is if it explored its characters more thoroughly. Sigh. Still, it's an excellent integration of projected images with moving sets, punk samurais and actual fire. There's an incredibly poetic scene towards the beginning where two characters almost drown, and it's very anime and simply stupendous. You just need to see it to believe it. Still, I prefer the show O, I think because it doesn't try to have a plot, so it's freer to take more conceptual risks and ultimately be more creative.

Or maybe I'm just weird, and like random conceptual risks. Except for LARPing, ahem.

By the way, my friend James had to get rid of his car, which is a dying-but-still-looks-great 80's Datsun 300ZX; it has a digital dashboard and a flux capacitor. (Well, okay, it just looks as if it ought to have a flux capacitor, even if it's not quite a DeLorean.) Very cool. Anyway, most people would sell their car over eBay, or junk it. James, however, gets his car accepted by a museum in Sacramento. I swear, he's the closest thing in my life to Indiana Jones. Next thing I know, he'll be moving to Malta to learn how to restore medieval-crusade-era architecture, as he keeps threatening to do. I, meanwhile, consider myself adventurous if I switch toothpastes.

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