Sunday, September 10, 2006

blasts from the past, present, and future

First of all, I am newly a Pandora girl. I had never heard of the following bands/songs, and now I can't believe I ever lived without them:

"It Generates" by Iris
"Plastic 1" by Lackluster
"St. Vodka (Mother Russia)" by Architect
"Riad Dreams (Red Brick Mix)" by Aatchi Ensemble
"Proper Hoodidge" by Amon Tobin
"Turn On (The Beat Box)" by Earth, Wind & Fire
"Home and the Heartland" by Lisa Kelly
"Seduce Me" by Gerd
"The Mystic's Dream" by Loreena McKennitt
"La Felicidade" by Les Baxter
"Toby Dammit's Last Act" by Nino Rota
"Be Little With Me" by Stars of the Lid

and, of course, Audley Green playing jazz harpsichord. Yes, this list is insanely me! (You say 'schizophrenic', I say 'eclectic.' Tomayto, tomahto.)

Also, I feel I need to explain the new photos on my main page, post (posted?) by my friend Mike. The upper one is of Mike and me, putting our heads together. I very nearly didn't post it, because I'm not wearing make-up and I look like hell, but the picture amuses me, and perfectly captures the spirit of our final year of undergrad, so I couldn't resist. The lower photo of the ghoul in glasses and graduation gown is -- you guessed it -- me. I was kind of surprised to see my clunky boots, until I remembered that everybody was wearing those in the late nineties, along with high-waisted jeans and cable-knit sweaters. Yech.

Oh, and just for the record, when Mike and I marched into the Michigan Stadium for our graduation, I was wearing the costume you see in the photo, AND I was perched on his shoulders. I made a point of waving to the crowd like the Queen of England, and people laughed and yelled and pointed and waved back and snapped pics. We made quite a splash, as you can probably imagine. Ah, heady times.

I also changed the music on the main page [of my MySpace profile], to post a truly kick-ass work by Daniel Lenz. The man rocks, no question.

And in the space of my typing all this, Pandora has played "Autumn Almanac" by the Kinks, and "Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head! (Rebuild! Restore! Reconsider!)" by Sufjan Stevens. I am having an excellent Sunday evening, thank you.

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