Friday, October 27, 2006

of cabbages and kings

I haven't had the chance to post here for the past month, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you -- no, sirree! Without any rhyme or reason, without any method to my madness, without any snap or crackle to my pop, I hereby present to you the gems of what I have seen over the past month online:

Break these out for your next video conference!

Evil does have a name, and it's the Center for Consumer Freedom. No more P. F. Chang's for me, I guess.

THE best visual representation of a chat room I've ever seen in my life. Priceless!

I find this video hypnotic. HYPNOTIC. I still watch it non-stop, and I'm slowly going insane. Help me.

I loves me some neato advertising.

I think this is stupid, and a sick, sorry waste of an otherwise elegant brand. It's striking, but at what cost?

The embedding on this was disabled, but who doesn't love a disturbingly funny Patrick Stewart?

I can't believe people anywhere in this world really drive like this. GOOD GOD. And I thought L.A. was bad....

I am in lust with a dress, and it looks like this:

This would be my crime-fighting dress, my take-over-the-world dress, my seduce-James-Bond-and-leave-time-to-successfully-hijack-his-car-and-trick-cufflinks-afterwards dress. I loooove this dress. I luuuurve this dress. I neeeeeed this dress. And, ooh, lookee, my birthday is coming up, on NOVEMBER 16TH, which leaves just enough time for shipping, and I'm a size 0 in case you're wondering....

[DISCLAIMER: I am behaving in a covetous fashion for comedic effect. If you actually get me this dress, I will freak out. I fully intend to buy it myself, thanks. If only I didn't have friends who often take me literally!]

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