Sunday, August 19, 2007

my new order

There is something very satisfying about moving into a new living space, putting everything where it seems to belong, cataloging one's life in an orderly fashion. Also, after waiting years to find Moroccan-print tapestries in hot pink, orange, and lavender, as well as area rugs in punch-your-eyes-out pink for $20, Madame Destiny heeded my call and made them both available at my local Target yesterday.

I'm the last person to believe that giant, faceless corporations can bring me happiness, but as embarrassing as this is to admit, they do sometimes hit the nail squarely on the head.

Also, I have a hankering for pain au chocolat, so I'm going to venture forth to procure same. I love living in this era, where a woman can get pastry whenever she likes without having to be chaperoned. Yes, my brain is still stuck on "Becoming Jane," and I have to say, as dreadful as this time seems to be in terms of the economy dying and the environment finishing us off, thank goodness I'm still free to do more or less what I like. Eating pain au chocolat, for example. Or listening to Bryan Ferry right now (which I am -- don't! Stop! Don't stop the dance!). Or staying in touch with people across the planet just by looking at a screen and pressing a few keys, sending photos and movies and links to midget porn.

I guess with great innovations come great prices. Me, I'll be grabbing what I can before my bones turn to pure mercury and the rest of me is devoured by hyperintelligent gray goo, which will hopefully happen before the Internet is purchased by Rupert Murdoch (oh, wait, he already technically owns my blog, huh) and I'm tossed into solitary at Gitmo for not being American enough.


  1. [ Original comment from Bekka imported from MySpace ]

    mmm.... pain au chocolat! how dare you blog about that when i'm stuck at work pretending to be busy when I'm really just reading your blog. there's no good pain au chocolat around here either so I'll probably suffer through another frozen burrito at lunch as usual. urrg.

    Posted by Bekka on August 20, 2007 - Monday at 12:07 PM

  2. [ Original comment from Astrid imported from MySpace ]

    Hopefully, you can make it to Porto's this week for your pain au chocolat fix. It was great to see you last night, thanks so much for suffering through a night of catch-up with my friend Marla and her fabulous boy toy! Also, I learned the hard way to NEVER leave a pitcher of iced green tea in the freezer -- it shattered my good Bodum beaker, dammitdammitdammit. I mean, I only paid, like, $3 for it at Goodwill, but still. It was MY GOOD BODUM BEAKER PITCHER. O, THE HUMANITY.

    Posted by Astrid on August 20, 2007 - Monday at 1:33 PM