Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Spetmeber Scent Xperiment, Day 5

I broke out the Ananya today, and I was instantly flooded with memories of my freshman year at Michigan. Weirdly, the memories weren't so much of people as they were of environments: I was reminded of the carpeting in my residence hall, the tile on the walls of the dimly lit hallways, and (this particularly surprised me) I was reminded of the sound of earrings I used to have. See, I had a pair of earrings (now missing) which looked like miniature wind chimes, and I would wear them whenever I was feeling I'd almost forgotten about these earrings, until I put on the Ananya. Peculiar what our brains can cook up, given the right stimuli.

What got me wearing Ananya all those years ago? This still makes me giggle: I was in a Body Shop around Madison and 85th in NYC, summer of 1995, examining the perfume options and trying to figure out what would make me smell the most grown up at college. As I was pondering this, a female version of Jabba the Hutt wearing thick glasses was on a similar quest. I picked up the Ananya tester, sniffed it thoughtfully, and the lady burst out "Honey, when I wear that, my boyfriend can't keep his hands off me!" I bought the scent on the spot and never regretted it. I still think, in fact, that this could be a great ad campaign: have a series of spots where various homely, seemingly dour women are sitting in front of a neutral background, facing camera, and they each put on a Body Shop scent, whereupon they are beset by various male models who swoon about the ladies in question. The ladies then beam gorgeous smiles at the camera in a manner suggesting the thought AW YEAH, as the words "Ananya" (or other scent) and "Only from the Body Shop" quietly appear on the side of the screen.

Hey, anybody wanna help me shoot a spec commercial?

Other than my Proustian rush of memories, yesterday was very calm. Did lots of necessary computer crap I'd put off for a long time, including shifting my blog to a non-MySpace forum -- I'm not done yet, but I will be soon, and then all seven of my MySpace subscribers will have to switch to RSS feeds and get their Astrid fix that way. Sorry. MySpace blogging is like playing with Tinkertoys, and now I'm ready to build the Empire State Building. Or something.

Also, apropos of nothing: POM blackberry/tea irritates me. The beverage itself is lovely, but they've changed the lids and it took me ten minutes and a set of keys to pry that sucker open. Worse: as the lid popped off, a third of the contents splashed all over me. Grrr. I hate when design fails -- it's always a bad sign when you need to attack a beverage with implements. I call a POM boycott! Until they change the lids back, of course.

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