Friday, September 7, 2007

Spetmeber Scent Xperiment, Day 7: Ladies of the Lens!

Yesterday was an Ananya day -- I was feeling very intense, apparently.

And a giant insect flew into my apartment. That's it at the top; it has a stinger about half an inch long, and it's sitting trapped in an inverted vase. I'm so terrified of getting stung when I release the thing, I'm going to let it starve to death before I dispose of it. I thought very carefully about this, and I've decided that my health is more important than the life of this desperate, trapped insect. I suppose this makes me a bad person -- but are you looking at that stinger? Scariness.

Good things: I'm in the process of applying to the Society of Camera Operators. I thought I had everything squared away, application-wise, until I checked the website before going to the post office, and discovered that I need references. Sigh. So, I swallowed my mild phobia of calling people I haven't spoken to in a while, all in the name of convincing and cajoling them into wanting to say good things about me at a later date.

To my surprise, there's a lot of love and goodwill out there in the name of Astridica, even despite the fact I hadn't talked to some of these people in years. Folks were all HELLS YEAH about being my reference, which now has me glowing with warm fuzzies, and so I will now be able to ship the darned application off tomorrow. Woo! Thank you so much, everyone, this really means the world to me!

I hope I get to be an active member in the SOC (as opposed to an associate member), it all sounds supercool. Plus, this was an excellent excuse to reconnect with my director friend Harry, who (along with his kickass lady, Jean) is all that and a trip to Aruba.

Interesting note: with a name like "The Society of Camera Operators," you'd expect the acronym to be SCO. Well, as it turns out, they recently changed their name from "The Society of Operating Cameramen." Yes: cameraMEN.

Because, you know, having a uterus can totally mess up your ability to frame a shot properly.

Still, to the SOC's credit, they were very enthusiastic about having me apply, back when I saw them at the CineGear Expo a couple of months ago.

Another interesting thing: out of the 308 active members (according to the list on the site), anywhere from 15 to 21 are women (according to the names, anyway -- darn those gender-neutral ones), which means women are only 4.8% to 6.8% of the active SOC. CRAZINESS.

Which leads me to something I've been wondering for a while, and I've been asked this for a while, too: why are there so few women behind the camera? Is it an intimidation thing? A boys' club/misogyny thing? A most-women-just-don't-care-about-cameras thing? I suspect the answer is a combination of these. Also, I'm meeting more and more people who say they see women behind cameras all the time, so perhaps the tide is turning, the new generation is elbowing its way in, and I still get to be a 'gender pioneer.' Go me.

Speaking of pioneering women behind camera, go order a DVD of the documentary Women Behind the Camera. I just ordered mine, so we can be DVD sisters. Or, if you're a guy, DVD siblings. Power to the ladies of the lens!

Now, if only I could find a fluorescent-pink light meter, I'd be all set.


1. Ananya is a great scent for staying upbeat and kicking ass.
2. I am the beloved lady ninja assassin of camera. Bow to me, peons.
3. I'm starting to think of scents as music; you pick different scents, as you pick music, depending on your mood. Sometimes, though, a little silence can go a long way -- I do find, once in a while, that my nose appreciates an unscented rest here and there.
4. My scent library has a definite spectrum of sexiness, which I hadn't thought about before. More on this tomorrow.

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