Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday linkyloo - 12 Oct 2007

Dark Roasted Blend: Abandoned Tunnels & Vast Underground Space my favorite is the last one, a Japanese installation to handle rainwater overflow. If I could shoot a movie there, I'd be ecstatic. SO gorgeous!

The Onion News Network: African-American Boycott of L.L. Bean Enters 80th Year This made me scratch my head in genuine wonderment; why DO black folks eschew the Bean? Curiouser and curiouser.

deputydog: an incredibly green roof I love when architecture is literally green -- why does Japan get all the fun?

Nick Carr for The Guardian: Sometimes you just need some white space away from the pixel bling I don't know about WHITE space, exactly -- what about pink space? Orange space? -- but I agree that sites are far too cluttered. And don't even get me started on the evil uses of Flash....

Ultimate Holography via Coilhouse via Warren Ellis
If you have never seen a hologram before, then you will never understand the near-orgasm I had when I found this site. Oh. My. Good. God. I would give almost anything for the Orangina hologram + lighting setup at the bottom of the page.

Sutherland Sisters via Neatorama The site is a design fiasco, but the sisters' hair is staggering. How could they walk around without getting snagged on doorknobs and so forth? Also, didn't it make their heads heavy? Gosh.

indexed: Interesting people are interested. Obvious, but very well-put.

Curious Expeditions: Miracle Beard via Neatorama Ah, Wilgefortis, we never knew ye. You have to admit, though, getting out of an arranged marriage by growing a beard is an interesting way to go, especially if you're a woman.

Inventor Spot: World's Weirdest Spa Baths? Chicken Soup and More I seem to say "Why does Japan get all the fun?" a lot, and for good reason.

Reuters: Lipstick contain lead, consumer group says No wonder women are crazy! Gee whiz. Excuse me while I smear berries on my lips instead, which, now that I think about it, sounds rather tasty.

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