Friday, March 7, 2008

stoopid daylight savings

First things first:
THE TAXIDERMY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Finding Life in Dead Animals (Spiegel Online International)

Depressing news about bacteria in snow


How can a mime have a record? But hey, as LP Cover Lover says, "Great for parties!"

I love how even the fish is looking at the camera! Gray and bright orange are such a terrific combo.

LOVE THIS. And the song's not half bad, either.

I love this portrait, particularly since I love compositions which show people in settings that say something about their personalities. I've heard a rumor that Terry Gilliam shares this philosophy, which is why he often favors wide angles in his films.

I LOVE photocomics! And the recipe this illustrates is intriguing. (The mix of color temperatures from shot to shot, and even within shots, is bothersome to me -- but only mildly so. The hilarious content/emoting more than makes up for the inconsistencies of lighting. But remember: putting a little daylight-balanced gel on your indoor lights can help make the picture look consistently colored, and don't forget to also balance your camera to daylight! Most still cameras do this automatically.)

Lots of sickly green accents in this convenience store, along with blue-green fluorescent lighting, which gives the colorful zaniness a background of murky, modern wasteland eeriness. Nice.

Garfield Minus Garfield -- almost as awesome as Red Meat by Max Cannon

Pure gorgeousness. Diffused, frontal sources with amber-hued gels are always flattering.

What a view. Looks Photoshopped to me, though -- look at the horizon line where the water ends.

A pretty, live-action version of an anime boy! Isn't he just splendid?

Okay, I'm off to bed -- gotta get up at 5am! BLURGH. And the daylight savings thingie Saturday night/Sunday morning is going to kill me. DOUBLE BLURGH.


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