Tuesday, July 28, 2009

random round-up

1) How dare they steal my name for an app? Oh, wait, maybe I should be flattered instead.

2) I've decided that my dream man would be John Foxx on the outside

and Victor Borge on the inside.

The results would probably freak out everyone else, but I would be a very happy lady.

3) Has anyone tried Prezi yet? It looks potentially nifty, but I don't need to do any PowerPoints for a while.

4) My father recently explained the Brompton cocktail to me, saying that it's pretty standard in England and that each hospital prides itself on its own special mixture. Here in the U.S., however, it's illegal and unthinkable to provide such comfort to your terminally ill patients.

Remind me to die in England, okay? Okay.

5) I'm typing this in a Coffee Bean, and this awesome song came on over the sound system. I inquired into the song's identity, and the gal behind the counter was kind enough to research it and tell me it is, in fact,

Happy Up Here / Röyksopp

How is it that I'm not officially a fan of Röyksopp, yet every time I hear a piece of music which makes me happy, more often than not it's Röyksopp? Am I really that perverse?

Speaking of music,

6) I've updated my playlist on YouTube. I'm mad that there's no Prince available, because I'd love to stick "Starfish and Coffee" in the lineup, but so it goes.

7) I nearly did a post about the following, then had a hunch somebody may have already beaten me to it, and sure enough, looky looky:

"Together for the first time..."

I was also going to say that "Henna Placenta" is Hannah Montana's evil stepsister, but really, wouldn't it be the other way around?

Okay, shutting up now.


  1. Hi PSC,
    'Happy up here' changed my mood this rainy (stormy really) afternoon, thanks. It was fun.
    Now I'll be listening to those 85 selections. wow, it began with only five or seven songs!
    And you know Röyksopp and Hanshaw made me remember the podcasts.

  2. I'm so glad! Always happy to provide entertainment and bring back fond memories....