Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cleansing my text msg inbox II: Electric Boogaloo

As before, my text-messaging inbox on my phone is nearly full, so it's time to clear it out. Since I can't bear to part permanently with these amusing, charming, poetic, or simply bizarre messages, I'm committing these to the Web for posterity.

9/3/10, 12:23am
Sorry I haven't called but dealing w/ my friends is like herding cats. With ADHD. Have a headache from it. Let you know when I can. - KH

10/16/10, 5:52am
It is just too early for an ophthalmic symposium. - JM

11/6/10, 3:59pm
This room has a pencil sharpener! WTF! - JM

11/21/10, 1:23pm
So sorry havent be en in touch. Call soon. At louie bottega this morn. Liam calls it pizza galouie. - PL

11/21/10, 6:41pm
Happy late birthday from the bottom of my argyle soul. -KH

1/12/11, 4:49pm
Had [professor's name redacted] behind me on the way to class. He had a total Astrid rocks look on his face - JM

2/9/11, 8:04pm
Get your parents to watch tonight's Nova. All about talking animals. :) - JH

2/23/11, 8:57pm
I saw your prof in the bathroom but still missed your break! - JM

5/12/11, 8:16pm
Just discovered the awesomeness of eating my peanut butter cookie and chocolate cookie at the same time. - JM

5/12/11, 943pm
Get yourself a nice pinot gri until the proles show up :) - JM

6/8/11, 12:10am
I ruined yet another relationship! Booya - PV

6/23/11, 9:27pm
Yeah there's some extreme oystering going on - JM

6/25/11, 3:56pm
Find a good seat so I can gaze at you longingly - JM

7/2/11, 1:04pm
It's not the cosplay that boggles the mind, it's the crossdressing cosplay :) - JM

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