Sunday, October 29, 2006

bombs and body wash

It's easy for me to forget that there's anything worth blogging about beyond media crap...until I read this:

"The day before yesterday at midnight , I was awaked by a limelight , I put my head under the pillow , and waited to hear the sound of explosion ,( I know that the light speed is faster than the sound in few seconds ), but I kept waiting , and I didn't hear anything , then I realized that it is a projector light of the police on national guards and not a bombing car !!!."

This is from, a blog written by a 14-year-old girl in Mosul, Iraq. 'Sunshine' (her nickname) wants to be an engineer, her mom's a dentist, and life, when it's not being directly threatened, seems to hold a lot of hope for her. Still, it's pretty heartbreaking when she's talking about her grandparents, and then this pops up:

"I was checking my E-mails , and I found an offline message from my grandma says " yesterday your grandpa went to the market , and while he was shopping, the US soldiers started to walk in the street , they were many , your grandpa asked a soldier gently whether he can depart , and do you know what the soldier answered ? he said "shut up". ! grandpa turned to another soldier and asked him the same question " son , can I go of please ?- and the soldier replied " we are leaving, in a moment ".

" I chatted with grandma I was so angry , that soldier's attitude ,affected my respect to the military so badly, because the soldiers should represent their country's ethics and leave a good impression , this bad soldier was so impolite and rude , I told my grandma ( relax grandma , the soldier's parents didn't behave him well , that's in case he has parents , I am sure that he lives in a box under the bridge ,and he is blessed to sleep in a tank ! ) and I still mean what I said , my grandpa is very educated wise respectful man , and he is loved by everyone, , my grandpa is a civil engineer , studied in USA , he traveled round the world because he worked for the "Arab organization for the industrial development" , that soldier SHOULDN'T talk to grandpa like that."

Damn straight. Granted, it's hard to maintain ethics/composure when you haven't been granted proper resources or a furlough in a horribly long time, but there's still no excuse for a soldier to say "Shut up" to somebody's grocery-shopping grandpa. The nerve.

Meanwhile, as all of this is going in Iraq, I'm busily surfing the web and reading about Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. I'm not sure why Dove's putting so much money into charity work—is it

a) charity junk is tax deductible?
b) coming across as 'fresh,' 'real,' and 'caring' will dramatically improve sales?
c) both a and b?

Or perhaps

d) I am a cynical jerk, and the folks at Dove really care about improving women's self-esteem?

As long as this ultimately brings about constructive change in this world, who am I to complain? It's not like I'm cowering under my bed, waiting for the bombs to hit me. I think I need to go to bed now.

Friday, October 27, 2006

of cabbages and kings

I haven't had the chance to post here for the past month, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you -- no, sirree! Without any rhyme or reason, without any method to my madness, without any snap or crackle to my pop, I hereby present to you the gems of what I have seen over the past month online:

Break these out for your next video conference!

Evil does have a name, and it's the Center for Consumer Freedom. No more P. F. Chang's for me, I guess.

THE best visual representation of a chat room I've ever seen in my life. Priceless!

I find this video hypnotic. HYPNOTIC. I still watch it non-stop, and I'm slowly going insane. Help me.

I loves me some neato advertising.

I think this is stupid, and a sick, sorry waste of an otherwise elegant brand. It's striking, but at what cost?

The embedding on this was disabled, but who doesn't love a disturbingly funny Patrick Stewart?

I can't believe people anywhere in this world really drive like this. GOOD GOD. And I thought L.A. was bad....

I am in lust with a dress, and it looks like this:

This would be my crime-fighting dress, my take-over-the-world dress, my seduce-James-Bond-and-leave-time-to-successfully-hijack-his-car-and-trick-cufflinks-afterwards dress. I loooove this dress. I luuuurve this dress. I neeeeeed this dress. And, ooh, lookee, my birthday is coming up, on NOVEMBER 16TH, which leaves just enough time for shipping, and I'm a size 0 in case you're wondering....

[DISCLAIMER: I am behaving in a covetous fashion for comedic effect. If you actually get me this dress, I will freak out. I fully intend to buy it myself, thanks. If only I didn't have friends who often take me literally!]