Monday, August 29, 2011

People sleep in the darndest places

From's The Big Picture:

I can honestly say that sleeping in the trunk of a car never occurred to me -- I'd be too worried about the trunk door slamming down on me, and the emergency escape handle snapping off. It blows me away how comfy this lady looks. And I now feel like a boring person for only having slept in sleep-appropriate places.

Fun with movie trailers

I hopped onto IMDb for a little research, and somehow got sucked into watching a lot of the featured HD trailers.

Here are the movies that I'm suddenly looking forward to seeing in the theater:

A Perfect Host
Why: David Hyde Pierce playing a charmingly insane person, out-insaning a runaway criminal? Sign me up.

The Ides of March
Why: Practically everything Clooney touches turns to gold, and I do enjoy political thrillers. I've always had a thing for stories about intelligent people battling themselves, or battling a massive social system, and this one certainly promises at least one of those.

Why: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my hero, plus this seems to be a smart film about dealing with cancer which isn't irritatingly maudlin.

Why: Man versus himself AND big pharma. The David vs. Goliath thing is overdone where corporate thrillers are concerned, but this also looks darkly humorous. I get the sense the filmmakers originally wanted to cast Robert Downey Jr. in the main role.

The Darkest Hour
Why: Looks like the good kind of sci-fi where people can use logic to defeat the bad guys...or, in this case, bad energy blobs which apparently have vision based on one of my least favorite Photoshop filters.

Here are the movies I'm looking forward to seeing when they finally make it to TV:

Why: Logic saves sports -- maybe! I always enjoy a jocks vs. geeks yarn where it looks like the geeks prevail.

Love, Wedding, Marriage
Why: Smart woman battles personal demons, set against a frothy backdrop of romance. Hijinx ensue.

Midnight in Paris
Why: I also like stories about people stumbling into alternative lives and having their perceptions expanded in intelligent, fun ways.

Movie I'm on the fence about, which means I'll probably never see it:
Why: Another movie about Shakespeare? Really? Bleh. If only this were based on reality, I'd consider seeing it.

Movies I'm sorry I haven't seen yet, and hope to rectify the situation soon via Netflix:
Why: Smart person battling personal demons, and exploiting a system for his own gain until his temporary strengths run out. Flowers for Algernon on steroids.

Why: I usually hate violent films, but this one has a strong female protagonist. More importantly, it looks like it might pass the Bechdel test, hooray!

Why: Looks like intelligent sci-fi, where 'intelligent' means 'not enough blood to make me lose my lunch.'

Movies I'm pretty sure my parents will insist that I watch:
Win Win
Why: They love practically everything with Paul Giamatti.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Why: They love John le Carré. I'll probably see this one because, hey: Gary Oldman and Colin Firth! Plus everybody running around in this looks like they're battling personal demons and a massive social system -- in this case, the world o' spying.

Man, I'd make a rotten spy. I'd be constantly huffy, saying, "Guys, snap out of it! You're all a bunch of lousy children!" My entire wardrobe would weigh a ton, since everything would be made of Kevlar, plus I'd look like a dope because I'd always be wearing protective headgear. And I'd be super paranoid about everything I ingest, bringing my own food to restaurants and living off-grid so no one could tamper with my water supply. And the instant any spy threatened my family or friends, I'd blurt out every government secret I know. Good thing I only work in marketing, where nobody ever lies and you never have to worry about a competitor eating your proverbial lunch at any minute.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Evolution of the Hipster

Ah, satire, I love you so.

Finnish fashion

This gal's style blows me away.

The sad part is that I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to dress like this. The cool part is that I already own most of these wardrobe elements already. Perhaps when the weather gets a bit chilly again, I'll try this out.

My Own Private Neuromancer III

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My Own Private Neuromancer II

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