Thursday, December 23, 2010

aar, here be treasure!

Sorry, but this post is not about pirates. Instead, it's about the Etsy Treasury, where you can browse people's 'collections' of Etsy stuff they love. It's pretty inspiring, especially if you're female, 30-something, and can't fall asleep. Here's how my favorites among others' favorites ended up clustering....

Category I: Art-Deco Something Or Other

This dress makes my jaw drop. Into the apartment below mine. My floor now has a gaping hole in it, but I still love this dress. It is a love that hurts, and not just my jawline.

Could go with the dress, I suppose. Not that anyone would notice. But hey, it's admittedly pretty nifty.

This gorgeous lantern makes me think of Casablanca, hence the 1930s tie-in. I adore any light fixture which turns your walls into art.

Category II: Postmodern Woodlands Girl

Yes, it's a dirndl. Shut up.

And I'd wear the aforementioned dirndl with a crisp white shirt and this visually delicious scarf. I would totally order this scarf for dessert, if only as a dessert for my eyeballs.

Is this locket darkly romantic or what? Love it.

And it would nicely complement the rustic charm of this ring.

Category III: Whimsically Geometric

These pants might try to go off to Beginning Ninja classes without me, but I'd be willing to take that risk.

This shirt is pure Astridness, distilled into textile and witty silkscreens. I'm actually ordering this one.

And finally, for the sheer category-defying fun of it:

Soap! Lends whole new meaning to the phrase 'cute as a button'. I'd be terrified to actually use it for anything as stupid as washing my hands, though.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

shopping list

My boyfriend left me alone with his shopping list. It said:

- Trader Joes
- poptarts
- cereal
- AA batteries
- sponges

I added

- elephant
- sassafras
- Herbert Hoover
- ferns

Perhaps I've been reading too much MAD lately; lucky for me, my boyfriend thought my additions fabulous. Mainly, I'm just impressed that I remembered how to spell 'sassafras.'

Friday, December 3, 2010

sweet dreams are not made of this

Watch this if you want nightmares about monstrous mushrooms out to devour you (and worse!):

But if you'd prefer nightmares about wacky driving, try this instead:

Beyonce as performed by Pomplamoose

I can't stop listening to these people! They are too hep for words.