Thursday, August 12, 2010

cleansing my text msg inbox

    My text-messaging inbox on my phone is nearly full, so it's high time I clear it out (except for the texts with important addresses in them, of course). Since I can't bear to part permanently with these amusing, charming, poetic, or simply bizarre messages, I'm committing them to the Web for posterity.

11/22/07, 1:27pm
Happy Thanksgiving. Celebrate American tradition and give the gift of smallpox-infected blankets to your friends and family. Only 9.99 at Ralph's. - JP

1/24/08, 1:34pm
Gotcha. Any desire to join me ¿ the cafe instead on this pleasantly rainy day? - CF

1/25/08, 8:43pm
I came down to San Diego and sitting at the bar in old town San Diego (old town Mexican cafe). I just finished eatting my dinner and now drinking a cold beer. Two Mexican dinners in a roll. Just to night by myself. I love the food here! - MA

5/25/08, 11:28am
[Enclosed image of a yellow birthday card featuring President Obama in a birthday hat, with the word "OBAMA" as an acronym for "Obviously, Birthdays Are My Area of expertise!"] This shit has to stop. - JP

6/30/08, 7:14pm
I'm off work, would love to chat if you're not occupé - JH

8/30/08, 8:49am
Sending you the luck of the irish on your important gmat day! Not that you need it but any advantage is good to have. - HM

3/17/09, 6:37pm
Hey! Thanks for hangin' with us for a bit! I'm glad you were here! - JH

3/18/09, 6:09pm
The Marines were all "no. body' here" on leave. Any interesting phone calls lately?!?? - AV

6/4/09, 5:23pm
[Enclosed photo from car window of Goodyear blimp silhouetted against the sky] - AV

10/28/09, 8:01am
thank you.good luck to you to. Tell czar alex you'll hang out in his treehouse for an A! - JM

11/17/09, 9:17pm
What I need right now is a tincture of laudanum in my thin gruel. - JM

12/16/09, 4:08pm
Ps: I like your pic on younoodle. It looks sexy as always (I'm serious) - JM

1/19/10, 4:27pm
Whoops. Ignore that text. Anyway prof [redacted] almost called me astrid when i met him today. Lets start playing jokes on people. - GH

1/20/10, 1:05pm
[I was wearing a flower in my hair on this particular day] Ps: I like your flower:) - JM

2/5/10, 1:19pm
kegs will be tapped. Men will be used... - JM

3/8/10, 10:17am
I feel barnaly - JM

3/23/10, 9:52pm
[After I had mentioned seeing a film crew across the street from my hotel] Cool. See if they need any help from a cinematography and economics master! Sweet dreams. - JM

3/28/10, 9:07pm
Just thinking of you and wanted to say hi. I hope school is going great! - BH

8/2/10, 12:37pm
Uuu, sorry, no lunch for me today on this marvellous awful Monday. Have fun, let's catch up tomorrow. - OZ