Tuesday, August 23, 2005

no, I will not be your so-called friend, but thanks for the cookies

So, I just had to delete three friend requests today, each of which was from a music group promoting the bejeezus out of itself. Good gravy! How dare you masquerade as a 'friend,' getting my hopes up when I log in, only to reveal your hideous capitalist bloodlust for more subscribers? Gag me.

Anyway, I talked to someone yesterday about how everybody around us is getting married, but then these people continue flirting with others and sending out 'availability' vibes. He reasoned that this may be a peculiarly L.A. phenomenon, that people build careers out of connecting with others, and if it means some low-level flirtation, so be it. He wasn't condoning this behavior, only trying to explain it. True or not, it still bothers me that anyone would consider this behavior excusable. Is nothing sacred?

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