Thursday, July 27, 2006

gee whiz, pa, it's establishment propaganda!

That above headline is taken from an actual Educational Filmstrip from the Sixties, by the way.

So, anyway, today is Fun With Archival Footage. Enjoy the following:

If Mirrors Could Speak: Self-Image Film (1976)
This involves children dressed as scary, scary clowns. And they are terrible actors, which makes it all somehow better.

Incredible Edible Egg in Foodservice (c. 1980s)
I love eggs. Even the footage here, which makes eggs look utterly revolting, still has me drooling for more eggs. Eggs! EGGS! MWAHAHAHAHA! But I digress.

York Peppermint Patty Commercial (c. 1980s)
This has brief yodeling. Need I say more?

VD is for Everybody (1969)
THE. BEST. SONG. EVER. I have been singing/humming/thinking this dratted song nonstop. I hum it near-silently on the bus. I belt it out loud when I'm alone in elevators. Mothers clutch their small children in fright when they see me approach. But this cheerful ditty keeps me, well, cheerful. Far too cheerful to be of any good to society, perhaps.

These guys are SO my brother and me. It's just simple, excellent fun.

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