Monday, November 5, 2007

tales from the drafts folder

It's a curious thing, going through my e-mail drafts folder; it's like going through a time capsule of things I meant to act upon, things never finished, or perhaps things finished later and yet the older versions remained undeleted. All very curious. Here are some gems I unearthed today:

Dec 12, 2005, to a gal in Chicago
P.S. I love going to museums by myself! I like to think it makes me seem mysterious. Next time you go, break out some serious eyeliner (artfully smudged), pile your hair up and wear something asymmetrical. As you gaze at various works, strike artful poses and look doleful. This never fails to secretly cheer me up, and it sometimes gets the attention of various indie boys who may be hanging around....

May 18, 2006, from
How About Gefilte Fish and a Halogen
Guy #1: So what should we get him for his birthday?
Guy #2: I don't know....what about a menorah?
Guy #1: What? But it's not Hannukah.
Guy #2: Yeah, but he's Jewish. And his room is dark.
--Union Square

May 19, 2006, from
Say Cheese, Chucky
Mom taking photos of son: Smile, sweetie.
[click click]
Mom: Smile from within, honey.
[click click]
Mom: Smiling from within means smile like you're happy on the inside.
[click click]
Mom: Okay, not that much.
--Prospect Park

July 12, 2007
Yung Joc featuring Gorilla Zoe - Coffee Shop
I like hip hop like I like my humans: brash, silly, self-aware, smart, and tons of style to spare.

Sesame Street -- How Crayons Are Made
A commenter on YouTube called the music "synth-baroque," and I agree. Synth-baroque = awesome, and this is one of my all-time favorite Sesame Street shorts.


  1. I can't help but comment on this old post too:

    @Dec 12, 2005

    Oh how I love doing stuff like that, put on your best persona & star in the movie of your life.

  2. You like wearing your eyeliner artfully smudged?

    Whoa, I need to step back from that reflexive smirking for a moment -- it's interesting how I've automatically assumed you're male. Gosh.

  3. Let's consider the following items, shall we?

    1) Yes, do tell me why you assume I'm male.

    2) Why wouldn't I enjoy wearing artfully smudged eyeliner regardless of my sex?

    3) There's ample fuzzyness in the phrase "stuff like that". Like, seriously, a lot.

  4. 1) You go by the name "ghost dog," which is the title of a Jim Jarmusch film I've never seen, but it still strikes me as a very testosterone-y flick.

    2) I bet you'd look splendid in artfully smudged eyeliner, and also that you'd enjoy the hell out of it. Sorry to imply otherwise.

    3) True.

    For the record, I prefer 'Einar' to 'ghost dog.' Take that as you will.

  5. 1) Touché. There's not much testosterone in it, though. But I dunno, you might have to be male to find it funny.

    2) I think I might have. I used to paint my fingernails. But I'm too old at the moment.

    3) These days, I settle for posing on random high chairs with impeccable clothes, faraway eyes and a book of poetry. I don't attract much action, though. It's mostly for my own amusement.