Sunday, October 12, 2008

if you wanna ride, don't ride the white horse

This photo is by the fantastic Alexander Shinkarenko.

Man, if I could get this poster-sized, I so would. This is AWESOME. I mean, the gal is totally in control and having a blast. The horse doesn't look so happy, but hey, it gets to frolic in the ocean, which I'm assuming is ultimately okay for horses, as long as they haven't eaten for an hour and have taken a refresher course in CPR.

Another thing I find interesting: the gal in the photo isn't wearing much, yet I don't find the image exploitative. Maybe it's because she clearly isn't doing this to look all ooh-la-la, Bringing Sexy Back and what-have-you. No ma'am, she's showing the horse who's boss, and simply wearing the most sensible outfit for the purpose.

I love the power, the dynamism of this moment. And she looks like she totally belongs on that horse, despite whatever its own opinions may be upon the matter.

Can I be this gal when I grow up?


  1. How Dagny Taggart meets Conan of you.

    - Gall

  2. Dagny Taggart? WHOO! Conan? Hm. She's not exactly wielding a sword, although she might one day be governor of California. Interesting. Anyway, thank you!