Thursday, December 11, 2008

Name that computer game!

So, there was this game. I played it in computer class on an Apple IIe, around 1989 or so, and it took place in the future. I was America's first child president, and I had three choices for veep: another kid, a robot, or a dolphin (we had learned to communicate with dolphins by then). There were various problems I had to solve in the course of my administration; for example, I do believe that the robot population wanted their leader's face carved into Mr. Rushmore, which got the humans all sorts of teed off, and it was up to me to figure out the best solution.

Name this computer game! Please! Because I will go batcrap crazy if I can't figure this one out!

I've already canvassed most of the computer geeks here at work, and they don't know what the eff I'm talking about. Helphelphelp. Thank you.

In the meantime, here's another totally fab game for you to play which I adore:

Enjoy...but not so much that you forget to leave a comment for me about this mysterious kid-President game thingie.



    I remember how, every Friday afternoon, the computer teacher would let us pick what game we each wanted to play. Everybody chose Oregon Trail, except me -- I always went for this president game. I could've sworn in a court of law that the title was something like President 2000, but apparently I've hallucinated that.


    No, pursuit agent, this game is not Oregon Trail, but thanks for the guess.

  2. Normally I would be the first to jump up with the "ooh, ooh! I know this one!!!" (Would you look at that, I'm the first to comment!) I too owned an Apple IIe back in the dayz. This was the most awesome green-screen I ever glared at, previously owned by my father with pre-installed AllState software. I'm off topic. Where was I? Oh yeah! Ooh, I don't have the answer! The truth is I only played a few games on Apple IIe b/c my family wasn't privileged enough to afford games and by the time we could afford the games they were out of circulation. That's no help to you. Maybe you can look here or, if you have an Apple IIe emulator installed, download games from here. May I ask why you're so excited about this particular game?

  3. Crap! My post from the other day got caught on an error so I wasn't the first to reply. The closest thing I could think of would be President Elect but there are no robots or dolphins involved. I do remember Friday afternoons in computer lab where everyone fought over the two computers with Oregon trail. Then there was this driving game that I can't remember clearly.

  4. Sorry, I am usually good at remembering old video games, but since I always had to play at school or a friend's house (as I never had an Apple II anything, but yet had a few floppies), I couldn't remember too many titles beyond the most obvious school game ever. I hope the Grring wasn't for my joke....

  5. I've been trying to remember this game forever too! And I only played it like once. I hope you find it so I can find it

  6. Since it's the Christmas season, I thought I'd do some research for you. The best I can come up with is "And If Re-elected" or "President Elect." No pictures, however. I love mysteries like these....

  7. I'm back from holiday, and now ready to say:

    the name of the game is OVAL OFFICE ODYSSEY! Thanks to my brother, Jonah, I can now sleep at night. He was all "Geez, you were obsessing over this for HOW long? And you're only now coming to me about this?" Better late than never, I guess.

    And you know, I'm not even sure now that it was on an Apple IIe. I mean, I'm fairly sure it was, but the name "Oval Office Odyssey" hasn't shown up on any of the IIe game lists I've seen. Any explanations you fine folks can offer?

    @ codeforfun: Yeah, I never really understood why folks fought over playing Oregon Trail. Anyway, thanks for the help, I did pursue the avenues you suggested before finally going to my brother.

    @ pursuit agent: Wow, I never even had floppies. I, too, learned everything I know about video games (very little) by playing at my friends' homes. And no, I wasn't GRRing at you, but rather at the irritating possibility that my mind was tormenting me with hallucinations. Thanks for the help as well.

    @ M. Brayfield: I saw your message before going to Jonah, so thank you for sharing my pursuit and affirming that I am, in fact, sane. Muchly appreciated.

    Merry everything to all of you and thanks for joining me on this nostalgia treasure hunt! Is it just me, or does the world suddenly seem like a sunshinier place?

  8. There's a hint of the Apple IIe title here and what seems to be a remake of it here.

  9. Thanks, Cliff! Alas, that Oval Office remake seems far too serious (dare I say dour?) for my taste. Give me a presidential administration which includes kids, and/or dolphins, and/or robots, and I will show you a very happy Astrid indeed.

    Oh, and having a video game with those elements wouldn't be so bad, either. ::rimshot::