Thursday, February 19, 2009

innovation and Estelle Getty

Harvard Business Review: Breakthrough Ideas for 2009 (thanks to Hugh McGrory for sending this to me) - A lot of good stuff here. I'm especially looking forward to the printable solar cells, plus I always enjoy learning new ways to manipulate-- er, interact with my peers.

On a completely unrelated note, because that's how I like my notes: I was watching "Golden Girls" earlier today (shuddup, I was waiting for a beast of an NIH grant proposal to load), and when Bea Arthur asked Estelle Getty about being paid in cash, Getty said "No! In pistachio nuts!" Needless to say, this totally made my afternoon. Ms. Getty, you made sassiness look easy and will forever remain an icon for me; RIP.


  1. I'm preety sure that Sophia Petrillo made me the sarcastic evil person that I am today. Too bad I cannot compare when I make pasta....

  2. Here's the key: are you a sarcastic, evil person with a secret heart of gold? That would be the Sophia way, although damned if she'd ever admit it.

    Try taking a pasta-making class, it could be a lot of fun. My favorite pastas are angel hair (for the consistency and speed of cooking) and rotini (for its ability to hold sauce). But hey, I've only had pre-fab Barilla pasta, so what do I know?