Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Of airships and mermaids

It all began when I stumbled upon Ralph Eugene Cahoon. See for yourself:

Mermaids! Sailors! Hot air balloons! Anarchy!

Love it.

So I went on a hot air balloon/airship/dirigible kick, and have dug up some more paintings and photos of these fabulous vehicles:

I love absolutely everything about hot air balloons et al, except actually going up in the air in one. I'd probably lose my lunch, since I've developed a fear of heights over the years. Oh, well. I'll just remain a wistful landlubber and keep collecting balloon-inspired art, I guess.


  1. I want to go in the great park balloon, but I keep forgetting to go over there.

  2. I've been -- twice -- and both times I couldn't get in the balloon, either because it was already booked up by 9am, or because it was too windy. Phooey on the Great Park Balloon, I say.