Wednesday, September 16, 2009

business poetry: orientation, the first three days

    certain Powerpoints were caused to occur:
    Harvard -- the Merage of the East! (or so the dean says
    and he seems like he knows)

    I love the smell of new laptop
    endless parade of faculty and staff
    bursting with faith in us
    beer and naps when we needed them most
    a ropes course when I needed it least
    sunburnsunburn hey, pain au chocolat sunburnsunburn
    so many boys in crisp blue shirts
    and iPhone cameras to document them
    anxieties trumped by good cheer and caffeine
    unlike USC film school, we are handed an alumni database, complete
    with pictures
    and telephone numbers


    As I said: faith
    in us
    enough to move our local mountains
    but I may need a little more
    to make it through statistics
    I am but a filmmaker
    with star stickers on her nametag
    and a head full of errands
    I have finished reading our brick of a course reader
    just in time for tomorrow
    and I took lots of good notes in my best cursive
    because I am neurotic
    My group members strike me as reliable
    and quick
    and forgiving
    and we might not kill each other for a while yet.

    I have faith.


  1. *claps*
    Impressively artistic! Also, a nicely creative way to avoid doing an extensive write up of your week thus far.

  2. Thank you! I'd been dying to write each day, but never had the time, so it all added up fast. Poetry: efficient AND effective! (Sorry, that last phrase was from my course reader. Next I'll be talking about synergizing my core competencies to effect strategic outcomes.)

  3. What exactly is involved in a "ropes course" ? :)

  4. PS. I think the star-stickers are a master stroke. It dares the viewer to think. And dismiss... Or do I? MY GOD, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

  5. Ropes course = 50 feet above the ground on wires, clinging to ropes for dear life in the name of 'team bonding'. My back and arms were killing me for two days straight. Sorta bonus: it all ended with a lengthy zipline ride, whoo! I shrieked for dear life the whole way down, surprise surprise.

  6. Ok, so this has nothing to do with the post. But I love the "manic" T-shirt.

    And hi.

  7. Ok, so this has something to do with the post. I really like the third stanza.