Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aisle v. Window

This is intriguing:

Hunch Blog: Aisle vs. Window, the Great Debate

What does it say about me that I don't care where I sit on an airplane, as long as it's near the wings for greater stability? I do seem to be a blend of both types mentioned in the article, with a slight preponderance of Window Sitter traits. Hm.


  1. That's weird. I take at least half of each category, sometimes both at once. And I'm a definite window sitter. Otherwise, I'd have never seen a thunderstorm from the same altitude and lemmee tellya that's some cool stuff.

  2. Window, no contest. It's all about sleep and not being bothered for me. Even if I'm not female and hardly match any of those window characteristics. I need my sleep. That's how I avoid getting dragged down into any conversation with strangers....

  3. @ Kent: I LOVE watching thunderstorms from a plane! I also love when the clouds seem to form architectural structures, and we swoop right through their 'archways'.

    @pursuit agent: Reading is also a great way to avoid the awkward conversations!