Wednesday, November 24, 2010

when fashion and comedy collide

I've been getting interesting fashion-promotion emails lately, hence my fashion kick. Apparently, Juicy Couture (very low on my personal list of Good Fashion) is now selling very charming charms. Trouble is, I don't do charm bracelets (hello eighth grade!), but these would make terrific earrings.

Darn Juicy Couture, creating neat things for the wrong parts of my body.

Anyway, there's this:

Which reminds me of this fabulous Kids in the Hall sketch (see 2:29):

And in case you give a crap about charms which also ought to be earrings, here are several more for your edification:

O, the cuteness!


  1. If I hadn't already gotten you a festivus gift, I'd probably get you these:

  2. Urk, I'm glad you didn't! Bats freak me out -- but thanks for thinking of me. :)