Friday, February 11, 2011

I want to be Grace Jones and Tank Girl when I grow up

I find it interesting that they're both very feminine and very masculine, and they somehow manage to blend all that with a great sense of humor. I also love their whole desert-primal-meets-sci-fi thing, even though I personally favor a Cyndi-Lauper-meets-Kate-Spade thing, and I'd like to think that lurking not so deeply within me is an element of Jones's and Tank Girl's fearless, punk-rock power.


  1. Great, now I'm going to have Grace Jones nightmares of things coming out of her mouth.

    I wonder if they had waited a few years on making the Tank Girl movie, they would have envisioned Gwen Stefani?

  2. Hey, those 'nightmares' are the best!

    And I 100% agree about Gwen Stefani; in fact, I wonder if there's anything stopping her from producing a sequel? At the very least, I could totally see her collaborating with Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin on other projects, perhaps even new L.A.M.B. designs....