Wednesday, February 16, 2011

images that stick

A historic vote in Sudan - the handiness of this ballot design blows me away. How best to convey to an illiterate voter the choice between a union and a secession? I find this solution very elegant.

World Press Photo winners - the blankness of his eyes frightens me, yet there's something I find compellingly timeless about this picture overall. Maybe it's the amusing juxtaposition of the Cyrillic alphabet and the Donald Duck outfit, but I also like the white-on-white glow of this image.

a Rube Goldberg-esque musical gutter system - cute in a Tim Burton sort of way, and it might also sound nifty in a storm. I feel like it's missing a pinwheel in there somewhere, though.

Half Pipe Threadless t-shirt - I'm a huge fan of Rene Magritte, and the quality (plus wit) of this image really impresses me. It almost seems too nice to stick on a t-shirt, or is that just me?

135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - I think I've seen variants of this image over and over again in various cartoons from the past century or two. What is it about large, overdecorated ladies and their small, neurotic dogs that makes the concept so persistent in our culture?


  1. That would go well with my Super Mario Magritte shirt...

    Yes, I already have it, but it got kind of messed up so I don't get to wear it too often...

  2. Aw, cute! You should totally get another one.