Monday, January 23, 2012

Restoration Hardware, now with extra Edward Gorey!

Did you know that Restoration Hardware is starting to look like an Edward Gorey emporium? Seriously.

Carved wood plinth

19th C. timber calipers

Collection of German carnival noses (set of 7)

Cast iron dumbbells (set of 4)

1920s French bowling set

Cloche with babies

1950s iron traveler's trunks

Industrial chain pulley

1949 French desktop globe

Conservatory model

Scales of justice

Roman capital

Bust of Napoleon

Cast iron fleur-de-lis

Hand-woven rope (gives whole new meaning to the phrase 'money for old rope,' har!)

Vintage leather sports balls

Zinc urns

English garden finials

Trophies (apparently sold out)

1920s hand-blown wine bottle

Preserved boxwood topiary

Aside from the outrageous price tags for all of these objets (which really are called "objets" on the website), I just have to say: CLOCHE WITH BABIES?! No, really: CLOCHE WITH BABIES?! And in case you doubt my outrage, here are some more interrobangs: ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Restoration Hardware, you are all sorts of crazypants. If it weren't for your outrageous prices, I'd probably own most of your objets by now. Except, of course, for the CLOCHE WITH BABIES. Eurgh.


  1. Did you ever even see my Gorey collection? I need someone to break in The Fantod Pack for me; that is my latest acquisition...

  2. Wow, wasn't it a limited edition? As for breaking it in, that experience might prove too depressing for all involved.

  3. This is probably some basic reprint, so it's not as limited as the other card pack I have. The Shuffled Doorknob, I believe? Nope, it's The Helpless Doorknob...

  4. Aren't all doorknobs helpless? Stuck to doors, unable to bathe or order pizza....