Friday, September 21, 2007


I've developed a terrible habit of putting together unwieldy lists of links in the past, so from now on I'll dole them out in bite-sized parcels. Enjoy!

a fresh perspective on cats via Unscathed Corpse via placeboKatz

The Boat Lullabies: The Way of All Flesh via Boing Boing. A poignant look at the progression of a woman through a lifetime of her photographs. Beautifully eerie.

web gobbledegook what is this? Is this spy code? Web search terms being catalogued by Homeland Security? Now that I've found this page, am I now going to be whisked away to a colorful island, renamed as a number, and held prisoner by a giant Latex bubble?

Groovy dancing girl via Dang, this gal can MOVE. I want to memorize this routine, along with the dance routine from Napoleon Dynamite, so that I can win my next dance-off. It's good to be prepared for these things.

Kate Bush - Running up that Hill I heart Kate Bush and overly fogged-up music videos. Also: love the pants. Even though they look like skirts. But are still pants. Yeah.

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