Saturday, September 1, 2007

Spetmeber Scent Xperiment, Day 1

So, after an inspiring exchange thus far with a pen pal (er, keyboard pal?), I've decided to do a little experiment with myself over the next month or so, which I have dubbed The Spetmeber Scent Xperiment. The misspelling of September is intentional, which will make sense if you go back and read the entirety of my blog. Enjoy! I'll wait here until you're finished.
Okay, nice to see you made it back. So, here's the background to my experiment: I normally never wear perfume, which my keyboard pal deplored, saying that one's nasal activities should not necessarily have to be restricted to breathing. There's a fun-scented world out there, and it's time that my provincial olfactory system be taken for a spin, if you will.

The experiment: to wear perfume every day for the next thirty days or so, ideally not wearing the same scent two days in a row. I already have a small library o' perfumes, which I've allowed to languish, and now's my chance to finally put said library to good use.

The point of the experiment: to see if this somehow improves my existence, or at least my perception of my existence.

Now, I understand that today was technically not yet September (or Spetmeber), but Science Waits For No One. So, today I chose to spritz myself with Sephora "mûre," which not only made me feel immediately sassier, but even inspired me to wear my Officially Sassy Pumps, which I stupidly forgot to photograph earlier.

No matter.

(Side note: I noticed when I got home just now that I had forgotten to log out of MySpace, which may have confused some people into thinking I was chained to a computer all day, but in fact I was Out and About, sharing my perfumed sassiness with the world at large under the guise of picking up footage I shot, catching up on teaching-related paperwork, getting groceries, and having a lovely dinner al fresco with Rebekah.)

Back to the Spetmeber Scent Xperiment, Day 1: Despite the fact that the scent wore off quickly -- must remember to up the dosage next time -- its psychological effects carried me pretty well throughout the day. Students complimented my sassy shoes. Cashiers complimented my sassy earrings. Even the e-mails I received today seemed sassier, including the boring listserv ones.

Conclusion, end of Day 1: Sephora mûre rocks, but it would rock harder if it didn't wear off so quickly. I'm not used to bathing in perfume oils, but I guess desperate perfume times call for desperate perfume measures.

Saturday will be a big day o' script reading for me, done in a lovely nearby coffee shop, and I am as clueless as you are about what scent I shall try for tomorrow. An invigorating Body Shop Satsuma, perhaps? A more mellow Calgon Get Juic'd plum raspberry? Or a more mysterious sandalwood, in case I'm tired of smelling like a fruit bowl? Or perhaps a walk down Memory Lane with Body Shop Ananya (my signature scent in my freshman year of undergrad)?

I'm sure you're bored senseless by now, but this is a world I haven't explored in a long, long time. It's almost like discovering I have a third eyeball and can now see in four dimensions. Or something.


  1. [ Original comment from Bekka imported from MySpace ]

    Wear Satsuma! Actually, wear it tomorrow when I'll hopefully see you, I mean smell you.... wait, that kind of sounds bad. Blurg.

    I also love when I'm mentioned in your blog. I must mention you in mine sometime. Note to self....

    Posted by Bekka on September 2, 2007 - Sunday at 12:35 AM

  2. [ Original comment from Astrid imported from MySpace ]

    Sad when I fulfill a request, and it wimps out on me because I keep thinking I have Perfume Of Steel which doesn't need reapplying before, say, heading out to hipster music venues. Chalk it up to 'a learning experience,' where learning experience = feeling vaguely like a dumbass.

    Posted by Astrid on September 3, 2007 - Monday at 10:03 AM

  3. [ Original comment from Astrid imported from MySpace ]

    "Fcking the hardcore robot"? Now THERE'S a porno just asking to be made! And you must be hanging out with folks who shop at H&M, hence the repeated earring sightings. Thanks for the compliment.

    As for Flowers by Kenzo, I'll try to give it a whirl soon. Sounds robot. Er, RRROOOOOBOOOOOOOT.

    Jasmine, hm. I'm actually not a giant fan of jasmine, I've always found it kind of cloying. Maybe I haven't smelled the right jasmine specimen, but...yeah.

    To be honest, I've never been a very floral person, since it all seems terribly girly. See, even in the ensemble I'm wearing above, I couldn't stick strictly with the girly top -- I had to amp it up with earrings which, in a pinch, could be used to impale a mugger. Such is The Astrid Way. Your descriptions of the ass-kicking powers of both perfumes are very impressive, but I do tend to gravitate towards fruitier stuff. And sandalwood. But I will give each a genuine chance and see what works.

    Posted by Astrid on September 3, 2007 - Monday at 10:16 AM

  4. [ Original comment from Astrid imported from MySpace ]

    Okay, I stand corrected: I checked out the neroli jasmine perfume at the Body Shop, and BOY HOWDY that stuff is beautiful. Thank you.

    As for the Flower by Kenzo Not really my thing. All too floral/sorority-girl-smelling, which brought back some nasty college flashbacks, and the "d'Été" was just gacky in a windshield wiper fluid sort of way.

    Then again, I'd smelled a lot of other stuff by then, so perhaps my nose was out of whack at that point.

    Posted by Astrid on September 3, 2007 - Monday at 5:27 PM