Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday smorgasbord

Okay, now that I've cleaned out my months-collected links, I've now decided to do (kinda) weekly links. Here they are, in all their maddening and splendid glory:

No. 1 Link of the Week:
Hipster Olympics

tied with the other No. 1 link of the week:
Table 70, which is my pal Matt's bimonthly music 'podiocast'. I'm currently listening to the entry "1993 Was a Good Year," and indeed, by the sound of things, it really was. Hooray for TLC, is what I'm sayin'.

Unreal Pencil Carvings

Richard Sweeney has stupidcrazy art talents. He seems to be the M. C. Escher of our generation.

Cardboard Cop Slows Speedsters -- sneaky, but a great idea.

Angel Ceballos is so inspiring to me, it hurts. The following are some of my favorite works of hers, from her Flickr photoset:

Magdalene Veen

another Magdalene Veen

Samantha Klapp

Karen and Nate

Magdalene Veen once more

This is hilarious, and I'm also slightly embarrassed to admit this makes my mouth water:
Minnesota State Fair on a Stick

Such a nifty thing:
Book of Ingenious Devices, published 850 CE

The Automata of Rhodes
According to Pindar, one of the nine lyric poets of ancient Greece, the isle of Rhodes was known for its displays of mechanical engineering, particularly automata, which apparently were a specialty of the Rhodians. Pindar said this in his seventh Olympic Ode:

"The animated figures stand
Adorning every public street
And seem to breathe in stone, or
move their marble feet."

Trippy, huh?

Because I lovelovelove the site Do What Now?:
We are zee Five Kabobeteers, no?
Leave the grilling to the high-waisted men, Timmy

Via Indexed:
I hated gym.

Senju Kannon
From the site: "A once-in-a-year event in Japan. 24 hours of TV, a lot of artists, a lot of events, and the funds are all for charity and the disabled. This is the show of the 'Senju Kannon': The 1000-hands goddess of Mercy."

Newsweek: China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation: um, what?

Great Shadow Puppetry via Metacafe

"Garbage Masters" Amazing Trick Shots -- very definitely amazing.

Garbage - Androgyny: such a fun video! I'm a big fan of the concept of androgyny myself -- I was sporting neckties WELL before Avril whatserface was doing her thing, that lousy poseur. Grr.

Mouse In My Pants! via LP Cover Lover
This is just so wrong for just so many reasons.

Disgustingly Rich! via LP Cover Lover
Gotta love the mink-lined bathtub.

And just when you thought the mink madness couldn't possibly get any worse:

de l'amour et de l'argent via LP Cover Lover

O dear god no, Uggs and Crocs have mated and spawned a hybrid! NOOOOOOOOO....
Cruggs? via Boing Boing

Tunnel via the random collections

tumbleweed -- wait a sec, tumbleweed ISN'T native to the U.S.? Huh.

Because I am a bit of a typography dork:
i love typography

And finally, because xkcd (Randall Munroe) is a mad genius:
Interesting Life

Whew. Back to unpacking.

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