Monday, October 8, 2007

existential Monday linkyloo - 08 Oct 2007

Unabashedly earnest and uplifting. Sometimes it's nice to take a vacation from irony for a moment.

Speaking of being men and not machines:

The New York Sun: Aren't We All Just Replicants on the Inside? I went to see Blade Runner yesterday on the big screen, I've always loved the dark majesty of this film and its premise, and it's terrific to see it on the big screen again. Left me all angst-ridden, existential and peevish, but it really made me appreciate sunlight afterwards. The late lunch/early dinner afterwards with my pal Matt helped, too.

Lesson: don't do anything involving retrofuturistic dystopias, unless there will be sunshine and lunch with good people afterwards.

And since we're on the topic of separating mind from body:

Ron Mueck: mask II (2001)
Oh, Mueck. Love him, love him, love him.

But, lest we forget the body entirely: Microsoft open personal health record site Great idea in theory, rotten idea in practice. Our lives are so easily hackable, it's pretty ridiculous.

While we're at it:

Historical Anatomies on the Web Your one-stop resource for human anatomy, yessir!

Let's fill those picturesque lungs with something fresh for a change:

Inventor Spot: Planning a Visit (to the Forests?!) of Hong Kong Er, "renaturalization"? Despite the Orwellian language, this sounds truly terrific. I love the idea of tree towers eclipsing skyscrapers.

And to decorate the outside of our lung regions:

ThinkGeek: The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie Nice 'n' geeky, and totally adorable.

Speaking of ironic techy-ness:

That's how I like my software: remixed.

Still sort of on the topic:

Inventor Spot: Japan's InfoBar 2 Outclasses Apple iPhone Wow, this phone really does put the iPhone to shame. Our ignorance is Apple's profit.

Veering from gadgets to other wacky science/tech:

Improbable Research: Winners of the Ig Nobel Prize Ooh, I just love when science and irreverence mix! It's always a good crop each year.

Well, that was a pleasant and mildly whimsical jaunt, indeed. Happy Monday.

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