Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday linkyloo - 07 Oct 2007

Neatorama: Reverse Graffiti Video Clip Everything in me loves this. LOVES. THIS. Environmentally responsible, civically minded, incredibly artistic, and yet still sticking it to The Man! Perfection.

Wired: Peter Thiel Explains How to Invest in the Singularity We're all gonna be stinking rich, or we're all gonna die. Happy Sunday!

Rough Type: Sharecropping the long tail Exploitation of the masses for the profit of the few! Like that's never happened before. Oh, but wait, now it's happening with blogging and videos of crotch injuries. Huh.

New York Magazine: Is It Now Acceptable to Say 'Fuck' in the Office? via Obscure Store and Reading Room Fuck yeah!

the nonist: Earth Noir As a woman obsessed with colors, I found this brief musing most intriguing. Terrific food for thought, although, given the brevity of the entry, more like an excellent canape for thought.

The Dilbert Blog: The Future of Newspapers Scott Adams writes the way I think, and I agree with him on this as well. His Venetian scroll idea is pretty intriguing, too.

Midwest Teen Sex Show: Homosexuality in High School Part 1 There's no part 2 yet, but this should tide you over long enough. "And remember, homosexuality is a cancer!" I really love the intelligence, candor and wit of this show.

Dark Roasted Blend: US Navy Enters the Music Business I shouldn't be so easily amused by these silly videos, but I am. There are also pics of Cinque Terre villages which are BREATHTAKING, and mostly unrelated to the US Navy.

Look Around You: Brain via Eye of the Goof Morbidly fantastic fun, and terribly Brit.

Human League: Love Action (I Believe In Love) Wow, they really put that make-up on with a spatula, huh? And that's just the guys.

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