Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Astridica, Bluffing as an Authority since 1977

Happyjoy 2008!

This past weekend has been a Weekend o' Victory on The Astrid Frontier, for reasons I'll get into in a subsequent post, since I'm kind of in a rush right now. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'll be a guest speaker tonight at the January UMEC meeting, UMEC standing for University of Michigan Entertainment Coalition. If you are a UM alumnus/alumna, and you're in 'the biz' or a biz groupie (or, hey, even an Astrid groupie), come on over! Here are the details, or 'deets' as the 'kidz' apparently like to say:

James Stewart Building, rm. 302
Sony Lot

rsvp by noon today to UMEC president Ted Houser via lapresident at um-ec dot org

Mainly, Ted needed a gimmick to get higher attendance at this month's meeting, and since I'm an 'authority' who, like, shoots movies and crap, he e-mailed me yesterday in desperation a fit of inspiration and asked if I could speak. Should be groovy; there will be llamas on fire, as well as dancing girls with tambourines. This is entirely true, except for everything that came after the word "groovy".

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