Friday, April 18, 2008

random Friday

Regarding Madonna:
Wasn't she attractive because she was playing dress-up? Wasn't she Susan in that movie? Wasn't that truly her own screen success? When she was an underdog, someone who didn't fit in, as opposed to a superstar giving dictation?

This is an interesting article, and I happen to agree with the whole thing. And in case you're wondering, Madonna fascinates me for many reasons: she's a strong woman, she's the empress of personal PR, she had bags of style, and she's a fellow UMichigan alumna. Whoo, Madonna! But I still prefer the original version of her, where she was rocking that 80s-street-urchin look.

Death to Argyle A depressing concept, since I love argyle, but this is a fun site nonetheless.

Also: somebody asked me today for more "gothic" artwork since she mentioned her boss might want me to design a gothic logo. I scratched my head for a while, since I'm not really gothic, but Rainbow Gothic. Mary Engelbreit on acid, y'know? Anyway, I went through all my old doodles, scanned a few things and e-mailed them, then thought Hey, why not put them here, too?

I drew this on a napkin with a crayon provided by the restaurant. Date and restaurant unremembered.

Who's Darryl? Why is he leering like that? And what on earth possessed him to get that crazy flattop haircut? These matters have been lost in the sands of time.

I simply call this "Luna." I think it was meant to be part of a logo which never happened. I still like it, though, especially the frighteningly blank eyes.


  1. Nice. Like the drawings. Especially the kid in the shadows. Playfully creepy.

    (I commented in the last one, but I don't think it went though. Seems a little late to write it again.)

    Hey, saw Kylie Minogue on Dr. Who and her character was named Astrid. Just unusual enough that I felt the need to report it. Woo, trivia!

  2. Thank you! I am baffled about your lost comment, since nothing ever popped up on my end -- lost to the aether, I guess. And why on earth is Kylie co-opting MY name? Silly girl!

    Actually, the name "Astrid" has enjoyed a pretty hefty usage in narrative media: I've been portrayed by America Ferrera (How to Train Your Dragon, coming out in 2009), Ingrid Bergman (Swedenhielms, 1935), Ursula Andress (Un Americano a Roma, 1954), and Marissa Ribisi ("Felicity," 1998 or thereabouts). I've also been a princess ("Dirty Sexy Money," 2007), on "The Simpsons" (voiced by Isabella Rossellini), in White Oleander (2002), on "Roseanne" (played by Mo Gaffney in two episodes), "Days of Our Lives," and "One Life to Live." Ooh, and I was in Hannibal Rising (2007) and on "Silk Stalkings"!

    Or so the IMDb gods tell me. What can I say: I'm just that popular.