Monday, May 11, 2009

kama sutra + water + judges = tandem surfing?

I had a coworker last year who persistently tried to recruit me as his tandem surfing partner. This is what tandem surfing looks like:

The guy recruiting me is about 6' or so, and I'm...well, I'm pocket-sized. Big surprise then that, in this guy's eyes, we were Destined For Tandem Success. He then showed me a chart of tandem poses, which made me giggle maniacally, since it reminded me of Cosmopolitan's illustrations of sex positions -- both of which feature very flexible silhouettes. I'm not going to link or post anything here, but you could easily Google "Cosmo" and "sex positions" and witness exactly what I mean.

Ultimately, I had to say no to this guy because

a) I have terrible balance and flexibility,
b) this looks like a great excuse for a guy to grope his partner,
c) I'm not an exhibitionist,
d) he was married, but
e) the marriage was failing, and
f) I refuse to spend lots of time with someone who might be using me as an emotional escape route.

If he had been single and less drama-ridden, I might've reconsidered; tandem surfing, when you get past the fact that it's vaguely unseemly, is truly magnificent to behold.


  1. The cosmo pictures are weird. They look like the opening sequence from a smutty version of "Catch Me If You Can."

  2. Sounds like Martin Short and Harry Shearer have a new sport to tackle.

  3. @Jamie: I haven't seen "Catch Me If You Can" yet, but I just watched the opening credit sequence at, which BTW also provides the Simpsons version, and I definitely see what you mean. I think Cosmo was hoping to go for a sassy, retro, Saul-Bass-meets-Shag sort of effect.

  4. @Kent: I'm horrified, but I'd still love to watch that!

  5. I have been doing tandem surfing for 2 years, and it is really a great experience. You just could try once =). You don't have to do the most difficult lift on the first try, there are lots of easy and gracefull lifts. With my partner, I organize clinics, and I never had a negative feedback.

    You are really lucky to know someone who invites you to tandem surf!

  6. @Aurely: I just looked at your website, and if that's you in the photo on the front page, your work is amazing! You make it look so easy, thank you very much for sharing.